Maternity is a must!

I love maternity sessions. I mean it. I actually feel kinda sad when people say they don’t want to take maternity pictures or they are “not happy with the way they look”. Girls: it is magic! You are magic, you are making magic, you are it!

I see maternity with different eyes… Magic, pure magic and wonder. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. A lot! Still, I wanted my pregnancy pictures. Do you think my baby (or kid) sees me “overweight”? “Not at my best”? No, he sees me as wonder woman. At that moment he was in my belly, inside of my body, that miraculously was creating a being, changing every day, refining that little fetus to become MY baby, my biggest love. When you see it this way, do you really think that your extra baby fat matters? The love your child feels for you is unconditional. He doesn’t know anything about fat, shape, acceptance, insecurity. You are EVERYTHING to him. Live in that moment of pure joy and awe. Have that moment in time frozen. Looking back at your maternity pictures will take you to when you started bonding with your baby, feeling the kicks, singing to him, visualizing the reality of your pregnancy. Don’t show your pictures to anyone if you don’t want to. Or do it proudly. Show that divine space in time where you were an angel of God in the wonderful task of bringing his precious creation to Earth.


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