My family photography bucket list

Do you have a photography bucket list? I do. And you should too. It will help you plan ahead and have the most meaningful shoots for your family.
My list will probably be longer than most since I breathe photography 24-7, and quite honestly I don’t even know I will be able to get them all done, but I will sure try. I know I will be adding more to it as the years go by, so I don’t think it will ever be completed. I also have access to a lot of new locations and inspiration from my own clients and fellow photographers.
My list might inspire you to create your own photography list and make some arrangements ahead of time to make them happen. I can help you make that happen. I am also open to suggestions I might want to include in my list.

I will list them in no particular order.

Maternity Session
Oh, that was a big one for me. I didn’t even have second guesses. Even though I gained a lot of weight, I just knew that I had to have professional pictures of both my pregnancy. Since I don’t intend to get pregnant again, that one is checked off my list.

Newborn Pictures
When Caio was born (back in 2007), newborn pictures were not a big thing, it was just starting and it was not at all what it is today. I took some pictures of him when he was 1 month old at JC Penny. Needless to say looking back now I see how bad those where. It doesn’t even come close to a newborn shoot we have today. Wrinkled backdrop, weird faces, awkward poses… oh well, I kinda feel sorry for him. My second one got lucky: even though I had a c-section, I was able to do his pictures – just 1 hour a day. Lucky him. 🙂

Apple Picking
I did it with Caio. Matias is still on the waiting list. 🙂

Pumpkin Patch
Caio has the cutest ones at pumpkin patches. Poor second child… Matias still waiting.

Christmas Tree Patch
That is a BIG one for me. I’ve always wanted to do it, never have, but it is on my schedule for this year. Yayyyy! I will share it with you guys when I am done. Maybe next year that will be your Christmas card?

Exotic Location
Check! We go to Brazil quite often, but I think Thailand wins this one. I got some pretty amazing pictures there.

Christmas Day
Yes! Every Christmas I make the most adorable video of the boys coming down the stairs to see what Santa has left for them followed by pictures of them opening the gifts. It is a family tradition!

Home Baking
Haven’t done it yet, but I have done it for clients and I love it. Next year for sure! Maybe followed by a pillow fight?

Yes! Here in San Diego, Brazil, Thailand, Bahamas. We are beach people, so… blue waters will always be on our walls.

Yes! Pure magic. Due to some updated ones.

Beach with VW Van or Airstream
No, but I sooooo want to do it this Summer. I am tempted to just put the kids next to someone’s airstream wherever I see one to get some pictures done. Do you have one? Do you know someone who has one?

Yes! We were just in Scottsdale in October of this year and we actually got a family session! I am there too! Wow!

Lavender Fields
No, but there is a beautiful lavender farm in San Diego County. I should rephrase that… I did take pictures there, but not with the kids. I had my 40th birthday party there and it was simply amazing! Now I want to take pictures of the boys there. Or maybe we should go to South of France. haha

Yosemite (or any other awesome forest)
No. We went to Yosemite 7 years ago, so needless to say we need to go again. Or maybe Zion. Do you have a favorite? Maybe in the Spring?

Cotton Fields
I am searching for a Cotton Field close by. Any recommendation?

Christmas Tree at night
I got that one last year and I simply LOVE IT!

Yes! I got that with Caio. Lake Cuyamaca. Gorgeous! So close to us… I wished more clients would choose it for their family sessions.

Belmont Park
I can’t believe I don’t have this one! That was my plan for our Christmas cards last year and we changed our mind. I must do it soon!

Christmas PJs and Cookies
Since I started offering them as Kids Minis, my kids will get them done every year. TOO CUTE!

It doesn’t always snow close to us, but when it does I like to take them to Mount Laguna for a couple hours. The picture are timeless. Crossing my fingers we get some snow this January.

How about you? What is in your list? Want to make it happen? Let’s talk!



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