Baby’s Milestones


Are you documenting your baby’s milestones?
I am a mom, and I know how it goes: time flies! From the moment I got pregnant with my first child until today, it seems like time flew faster than I could blink my eyes. But truth be told, long 8 years passed, filled with special moments I might not remember. It is sad, but it is life. It happens to everyone. I wish I could hold on to every single memory of these 8 years, but it is just impossible. To make this feeling a little lighter in my head and my heart, I do a couple of things:

1. LOTS of pictures!
It is not that we forget, the moments are there, in our brain, they just need a trigger. And photos will just do that. Of course I take lots of pictures of my kids and every time I see them it all comes to mind: the mood that day, the baby voice, the way Matias used to crawl, the way Caio walked on his tiptoes or how much he loved pirates to the point where that was the theme for 2 of his birthday parties along with 2 Halloweens, and all the time in between. Their friends at the time and what they loved to do. Their favorite toys and foods, and they way they both hated wearing clothes. The way Matias liked to lay his head on our shoulders and how Caio laughed (he still does) when I say the word Madelyn – his preschool crush.
Having a photographer mom definitely helps. They not only have tons of cell phone pictures, but of course they have beautiful pro pictures I like to share with my friends and family, and decorate my house with. Keep taking photos with your phones, but remember to have those beautiful, breathtaking pictures taking by a professional photographer also. Those are the ones that will go on your walls, cards, albums… and maybe one day on their wedding slideshow.

2. Journal
I keep a journal for both my children that I intend to gift them when they get married. I used to be more diligent with my posts, but whenever I can I write a little about life and the latest things they’ve been doing. It is fun to do and read. I just wish I had more time to do them. I can’t wait to gift them with the books when they get older…

3. Spend as much time with them as possible
We all have our responsibilities, work, home… I know life happens. It does to me also, but I try really hard to spend quality time with my boys. I save my money to go on trips with them, I take them to local events, we host international students and lots of friend/family guests at our house, we go to lots of parties and we host just as many, we talk about inclusion, we try new restaurants in town, I try to take them to museums, theaters and all cultural events we can fit in our schedules… I love to expose them to different cultures, smells, colors, experiences. They might be little and not fully understand the benefits of a life full of diversity, but I know for a fact that this will be one of the most precious seeds I can plant for them. I am just watching…

What have you been doing to document your kids’ precious years and experiences? Are your walls and frames filled with special moments and laughter? Have you ordered that yearly book with pictures of your kids you’ve been wanting to? Are you collecting and keeping these treasures along the way?

I offer different packages, big and small, that will fit every budget and schedule. Seating, cruising, walking, running, cuddling, laughing, missing a tooth… so much happens… You and your child need those visual memories of the love you already feel in your hearts. Don’t let time fly. Can you even imagine not having pictures of your kids? Let’s freeze time for a little bit so every time you want to go down memory lane and make sure it all really happened, you can reach out to your photos – your visual triggers – and fill your heart with those loving memories. If you want to start documenting your baby’s milestones, let’s talk.


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